Equestrian Payment Solutions was developed by Robin Wertlieb Schwartz who competed nationally for more than two decades. Several of her top amateur horses were Pay it Forward, Madison Avenue and Batman. Robin rode with top professionals Jimmy Piehler, Scott Williamson and Patty Foster. Now, married with children, Robin has put her riding boots aside to raise her family and focus on her latest professional venture.

Working in the business of electronic payment processing for more than five years, Robin realized she could incorporate her knowledge of payment solutions with the complex nature of the equestrian community and stay connected to the sport she loves.

Understanding first-hand the needs of equestrians, Robin now offers unique options for show managers, trainers, equestrian facilities and other equine related businesses.

Robin is able to provide a wide range of payment solutions suited for this niche. Along with enabling all types of horse related businesses to accept credit cards, she also has options to help expedite the payment process and to ease account management for all aspects of the equestrian world. Robin is confident in her ability to help the entire sport evolve electronically.